a recurring tasks manager

Last update: Jun 22, 2020

Coming in 2021, DueOver will be a specialized to-do app focussed on prioritizing repeating tasks, so that you can always easily answer the question what’s next?

Almost everything we do will have to be done again. Most tasks recur, either jobs that never end (“floss”), or one of many baby steps on the way to a larger goal (“work on novel”). The priority of these jobs grows as we neglect them.

DueOver will keep track of them all, continuously recalculating their priority and pushing the most important and overdue chores to the top of the list — plus nice details like giving greater weight to the easiest ones, whether it’s something you do one per hour or once per year.

When a task is due, it starts rising through the ranks.

No other task manager has anything better than rudimentary support for recurring tasks, and none at all support tasks that happen more than daily — a huge, neglected category of task management.

There are four names

There are four main candidate names for the app at this stage:

There will be an app for this… but you don’t actually need an app for this

Prioritizing recurring actions algorithmically has become a way of life for me, and this website will be about the method and principles as well as the app. Coming soon-ish…

Questions, comments? For now, you can contact me as paulingraham at gmail.com. See also my obscure personal blog about a little bit of everything, and my much more famous website about the science of chronic pain.